Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's next?

Seems like argument and trouble never stops at Beachroots. And unless somebody pushes the button and puts an end to this entire snag, this will persist like forever. Last night’s riot between the owners (Elvin, Aloy and John) was a huge shame. Both parties have their reasons but their reasons cannot justify their actions. Even if they’re under the influence of alcohol, they cannot just behave like kiddos and immature individuals in front of their customers. And it’s a disgrace for these so called businessmen and professionals of multi-national companies to act like big a*sholes --- all because of ego and twisted principles!!!

I am totally disappointed… BIG TIME!

And where is that thing you called FRIENDSHIP which you nurtured for several years? After bitter words has been spoken, ashtray whacked into the head, rounds of fist fights and pain caused towards your so-called “pare, bai, bro, brad, amigo, bestfriend”, what’s next?

Oh yes, revenge is such sweet thing but you just do that to your enemies, ayt?

So, to all Rooters, before you pull that trigger and do something terrible, think twice, thrice and even a million times what the consequences would be. You don’t wanna do things you will regret in the end. Forget about ego. Forget about principle. We’re not perfect and that we’re bound to commit mistakes even to people close to us.

Again, what’s next?

Just forgive and forget…Please!

Oh well...

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