Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Weekend Diaries

Event 1: Company 2nd Year Anniversary

As usual, the girls of admin are in-charged of the registration. We were stationed at the guardhouse of the resort. HR is so mean. We were literally begging for food because we didn’t take our lunch but they just took us for granted. So while waiting for the bus, we were feasting over domino crackers and litro coke which Herbelle bought in the nearby sari-sari store.

Kapunungan sa mga Bangis nga Kinhason (Brotherhood of Fierce Mussels)…

That’s my team’s name. The event started with a mini-sportsfest with only one game – Tug of War. We lost though but it was fun. Our cheer was the best…

“Viva Italia, Viva… Kilawon, Lamasan, Buwad, Suka, Sili, Sikwati, Sikwati”
“Viva Takobo, Viva”

Fresh from the FIFA fever, we had the Italy flags painted all over our body.


And we had fun too taking pictures of ourselves.

Lots and lots of pictures

Carribean Nights

Since the theme for the night is Carribean, we dressed up and don our pirate costumes.

The program includes giving awards to those who reached their 2nd year in the company. Awards were also given to employees with good performance over the year.

Then Suburbia started to play some music. We all had fun dancing and the beer was overflowing. We were partying right there at the beach.

We all let down our hair --- even our bosses did.

We crossed our boundaries and made friends with other departments.

We bonded more with our closest friends in the company.

We enjoyed Tia’s version of “Pinoy”

Cameras were flashing left and right. We find ourselves posing and smiling in front of the cameras...even with the most uncomfortable position.

Some were drunk. Most were tipsy. Even these venerable ladies of Admin.

Overall, we sure had fun and we had pictures to prove it!

Event 2: Beachroots

After the company event, my boss drove us to Mango Square. I head straight to Beachroots since my friend Et texted me she’ll wait for me there. Okay, I’m taking back my words… “I’m still a party girl”.

Et and I shared a few glasses of rhum-coke and rhum-cali. Soon, Kathy came. Then, came Ellen. Amid the loud music and surrounded by intoxicated persons, we were talking to the top of our lungs. Catching up on each other’s lives while sharing some more glasses of rhum cali and a few bottles of red horse.

(pics to follow)

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