Friday, July 07, 2006

party girl no more

At 27, I have this feeling that I’m getting old.

I considered myself a party girl since I started partying at the age of 19. It was the time when I left my aunt’s place and started living in a boarding house. Our landlords would often bring us to Bai Disco on weekends. I remember myself climbing up the ledge of the dance floor and danced like I was all alone. I also started drinking beer, taking shots of tequila and sips of margarita with friends. Almost half of my allowance would often go to my party expenses (entrance fees, alcohol and pulutan).It was the perfect moment to enjoy my youth as they say.

When I started working, I met new friends and brought my partying to the next level. We were all over the club scene. It was also the time when I met my husband. Just like me, he too was a party animal. We would go bar-hopping, dance and booze until the sun started to shine. We would even go out on weekdays and go to work the following day looking like zombies with dark circles under our eyes.

Even if I was already married, I still go out with my husband and his friends more so when we put up Beachroots. Weekends would always be spent at Beachroots --- watching over my dear husband *lol*.

But lately, I felt that I’m not into partying anymore. I’d rather stay at home and play with my kid or watch tv. My tolerance to alcohol has also gone down. Way back, I can consume 6 bottles of San Mig light and still standing but now; it’s just one bottle and my head start spinning around. I also don’t think I could still groove to the tune and steps the new generation enjoy nowadays. My body could only handle belly dancing and salsa taught in our gym.

I guess it has something to do with age. I know it may sound too early for me to mellow down but it’s true. I have this sudden indifference towards partying or clubbing. Maybe it also has something to do with the company I keep. My girls and I enjoy more dining at Da Vinci’s pizza and just talk to our heart’s content. My ears no longer take pleasure in loud disco music or people shouting at each other to be heard. I also felt that I no longer belong in these gimmick outlets…makes me feel old all the more.

So, it’s Friday! I bet my husband is going out tonight. The subservient wife that I am would always let him go. Me? Naaahhhh… I’d rather party with Alex at home.

party girl no more...ciao!

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