Monday, October 31, 2005

it's the time of the year...'s one of those events in a year that i look forward to!

it's the time of the year that i get to apply my wildest imaginations in coming up with the coolest and weirdest costumes. just for the record, i have always won "best in costume" awards during costume parties to include halloween and not to mention christmas parties and gs hour during my gs days...

'nuff said --- we don't have a grand halloween party planned in the office. but our hr turned our reception area into one spooky place --- we have cobwebs all over the place with rubber spideys hanging in them. we also have a miniature coffin on the side with lighted candles. we covered our visitor's chairs with white cloth and we got the orange pumpkin right on top of the reception counter. while the rest of cebu are having their holiday today and are heading to visit their dearly beloved departed in the cemeteries, most our us in the office are heading for work. since most of us will be working, we simply called it a spooky day --- thus, we come to the office in our spookiest halloween costume...let me share some of the pics.

me, alex and herbelle

nina, jenny and me -- biting off jenny's shoulderrrrrr

is that me??? takot akooooooo....

and this time with my boss - ms.O and belai

more pics to come...

until next out for me! hehehe

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