Tuesday, October 04, 2005


We've been staying in our new home for almost a month now and so far, so good. It's just that we haven't completed organizing our stuff yet. We've been busy with the business my husband and his friends are putting up thus setting aside some of our domestic priorities.

Anyway, the previous house we've lived in Ma. Gochan, well, should I say was a nightmare. Actually, the place was conducive for dwelling. We had a vast garden where my daughter could run all day. We had a huge garage that can accommodate two vehicles. We had 3 large bedrooms and a basement that was more than enough for 10 people to live. Not to mention our spacious living room and dining area.

The place was almost PERFECT...EXCEPT for some thieves living just a few blocks from where we are. From time to time, we always experience our hanging clothes or some junk items in the garage being stolen. There were also instances where our light bulbs in our garage were stolen.

Just yesterday, my husband visited the house to return the keys to the owner. Much to their surprise, upon entering the house, a disgusting odor welcomed them. There were human waste scattered all over the place. The ceiling was totally wrecked. The circuit breaker was taken out and all the wires and bulbs were removed. The sink was on the verge of being uprooted. In the basement, all our junk monitors and keyboards were stolen and even my daughter's crib, stroller and walker were gone. And to think, our very own barangay hall and police station is just 5 meters away from our house.

I couldn't help myself but gasp in disbelief. How cruel of these people to do such a nasty thing. Why can't they just work their butts off and not steal from other people? It's also sad to note that our very own police and neighbors are just watching all these looting unfold before their very eyes. What's new???

On to the lighter side...

Beach Roots is opening NEXT WEEK!!!

After all drama and hysteria --- the dream would finally come true.

Well, this is just the beginning of more drama and hysteria...there's more to come!

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