Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Way to go...BEACH ROOTS!!!

Now that Beach Roots is almost ready to fly, we just realized that we have abandoned our first business, the primary source of our living – our Pharmaceutical business. Having spent almost 100% of his time in the construction of the kiosk, government registration, purchasing and manpower sourcing, my husband just felt so overwhelmed. I’ve seen how passionate he was for the business. He thinks of it as his baby. He actually coined the idea which he shared with his friends. I’ve seen how excited he was for his idea to materialize.

Finally, the construction of the kiosk is close to finish. We’ve purchased almost all utensils and equipment needed. We just lack one more waiter to complete the service crew. We’re just counting the days and off we go.

I’m just saddened by the thought that we have exerted double effort on this business – that of my husband and mine. I, myself became involve in small ways. I find it unfair. I could have stayed in the house and spend some quality time with my daughter over the weekend. I wouldn’t have miss going to church for the past 3 consecutive Sundays. I would have rested my mind and body and brace myself for another work week. My husband often tells me that I shouldn’t involve myself much in the business because he would only get hurt because I shouldn’t be doing things his business partners or friends is expected to do. But my mantra would be “if I won’t do it then who else will?”

But why am I spending my vacant time at Mango Square when in fact I would have nothing out of this? Having 10 owners, it would take years to regain our investments not to mention the efforts we’ve exerted.

Maybe because we’re here for the fun, the camaraderie and the experience of putting up a business we so long wanted to have. It won’t be easy I know --- just like in any business that’s starting, there will always be birth pains. But it’s worth it especially when you see it thrive and grow into something grand.



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