Friday, September 09, 2005


As you may have noticed, I had completely changed the template of my blog. Simple as it may seem but I guess I have added some “joie de vivre” to its entire look. I was kinda’ boring with my pink background and I purposely chose GREEN because it represents LIFE --- my LIFE in particular.

In as much as I want to use my artistic skills (*chukle*) in blogging, I am still in the period of exploring how this stuff really works. I admit, I’m no IT freak and I have the slightest idea how to make my blog site more or less fascinating in the eyes of my readers (as if people really read my articles…).

So much about that, BORA_BAI – our barkada-owned bar/kiosk at Mango Square Park will be opening SOON. Experience our “Freakin’ Cold Beer” and “Bisag Unsa Lang” lips smacking dishes while listening to Beach Boys and 50 First Dates soundtrack and more. Check out for more updates.

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