Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fat and Beautiful

I really don’t know what’s with being THIN that makes a person specifically a woman good to look at. Why is it that when one sees a fat person, one can’t help but notice and laugh? And why is it that almost always, fat people got the most jokes poke at them? Like in the office, we really have this overweight manager and every time she comes in, I could hear some of the guys whispering “naa lagi nakasulod nga dump truck sa office” or “hala, milinog” etc…etc.

The society has lots of biases against fat people. First and foremost, fashion is said to be for thin people only what with fashion designers’ lanky models in the ramp, television and magazines. You will never see a fat model in the ramp more so a fat mannequin in the department stores.

Second, when you’re fat, sometimes, jeepney drivers would just pass by you without letting you ride their vehicle. Why? Because when you’re big, you would occupy twice the usual seat allocation for a price of one.

Third, when you’re fat, you’ll less likely be admired by the opposite sex. It’s either you will remain the “best friend” or the “bridge” but never a lover or bearer.

Fourth, when you’re fat, you’ll get associated to a pig, ballena, Dabiana, Ike Lozada (God bless his soul) etc.

Some employers have some biases too especially in hiring people. There are some industries that have specific weight requirements and waistline requirements for some of the positions they’re hiring.

Why am I saying all these? Because I am fat.

Yes, and it has been my worst nightmare the past 2 years. Maybe I haven’t reached that point of accepting how I look right now. Because of my current figure, I became indifferent, insecure and my self-esteem went down. I have always been the tall and thin figure in the campus way back high school and college. I’ve wanted to go back to my figure when I was still single but my efforts are futile or it was not enough. I have nothing against fat people. I just find it unfair that being fat is like having a contagious disease or being fat is a crime.

Now, I realized that being this way is not a sin. There are a lot of things that I need to worry aside from my bulging tummy and huge legs. I don't care now --- and I believe that being fat doesn't neccesarily mean being ugly.

"I am beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring me down. Don't you bring me down, today." (Christina Aguilera)

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