Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We're Moving!!! (again...)

If there’s one thing that I really hate doing that would be moving out or transferring to a new home. Aside from the physical stress it brings, there’s also what you call the financial stress having to pay advance payments and deposits.

Yes, we’re moving again. During the entire 3 years of my married life, we’ve experienced moving on from one house to another for about four times. It’s just so tiring having to pack our things and unpack them again. It was quite easy during the first and second move but now that we have Alex, I never realized we’ve accumulated all these things. It’s just too many for our little family --- some are even junk and just simply nuisance. So, we’re trying to get rid of those things that we really don’t need. Give us a week and we’re done.

Despite the stress, I’m a bit happy with this move especially having to shed out only four thousand five hundred pesos a month for the rental and cut out on some of our utility bills. I like the way the house looks like. The three-bedroom house is just enough for four people (me, Earl, my sis and yaya) and a baby. I also like the place. We actually live across my in-laws houses (siblings, grandfather and aunt). It’s safer for my daughter and she would have lots of playmates then. I guess this will be our home in the next two years.

I just hope this will be the last after we finally move in to our new house that we loaned through Pag-ibig.

I’m taking some pictures of my daughter while we’re busy fixing our things in our new house.

--Alex busy fixing her toys--

-- Alex with her "Punk's not dead" pose courtesy of Tita Mike--

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