Friday, August 05, 2005

Sh*t Happens

We always have what you call “a bad day” and I just had mine.

Incident # 1:
I went to Pag-ibig Fund yesterday afternoon to follow up on a document needed to complete my Housing Loan requirements. It’s the 4th time that I’ve been there in just two weeks. I’ve had problems with my name that’s why they asked to me to have it certified by my current employer that I use MARIA LOURDES instead of MA. LOURDES. The 3rd time that I was there was to submit the certification so I thought I could get the document I need having complied with the certification. They told me that there’s another discrepancy in my name and that I would need another certification that my middle names when I was still single and the middle name now belongs to one and the same person. This is crazy. Why can’t they just tell me what I need to comply once and for all so I won’t waste my time? I’ve been going undertime from work just to finish this and until now it isn’t done. Grrrr!!!

Incident # 2:
I went to the grocery right after I went to Pag-ibig. I usually pay using my credit card for grocery so I could still utilize my cash for some other purposes. When the cashier swipes my card, the machine didn’t honor it. I just paid my account last Friday and it’s kinda’ impossible that Citibank would decline my card. There are several people waiting on the line so I have no choice but to pay in cash. And that means having to use my two weeks allowance. I went home with only P50 in my wallet. Arrgghh!!!

Incident # 3:
I just learned from our other helper that my daughter’s yaya has been stealing some of our clothes. She told me that our yaya has been keeping some of my daughter’s clothes. I’ve been hearing stories like this before like she’s using some of my personal stuff (make-up, nail polish, bath stuff, facial creams etc.) but I just brush it off. It really doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s doing well in her job and that my daughter is well taken cared of. She’s leaving at the end of this month coz her husband wants her to go home. I really don’t know how to deal with her. I want to confront her but still I am hesitant coz I’m afraid she might get back to me through my daughter. I don’t know why she’s doing this to me. I have always been nice to my yayas – I mean I never scold them and I always treat them as my partner in raising my kid. This time around, I guess I have to be a little stiff in dealing with them.

As they say, sh*t really happens all the time. Its how you deal with them that really matters. I should say that I am still sensible enough to have handled the above incidents with style. I am not the type of person who becomes hysterical and scandalous in front of other people. It’s not everyday that you see me really mad. Today is just too much to handle. Just 3 incidents and I’ve had it.

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