Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I'm back!!!

Over the weekend, the “TROPA” convened again but this time not anymore by the beach but over the hills and mountains. We were invited by Elvin to some remote barrio down South called Napo, Carcar, Cebu. It’s their annual fiesta in honor of their patron saint – San Isidro Labrador. We stayed in his mom’s ancestral home which was built 100 years ago. At first glance, the house looks scary and the place reminds us of “Shake, Rattle & Roll” movies.

Anyway, it was pretty exciting. Globe and Smart signals couldn’t reach the area and it’s a relief coz nobody will pester us with calls and texts. But we were bum for a few hours as there’s not much to do in the province except to listen to the sound of the crickets. The guys started their drinking session and mahjong. Ei and I were entertained by my daughter Alex who as usual was fully charged and has been very restless. And of course, there are always those silly jokes and pranks being thrown at the table when the tropa is around.

Past 11pm, we were dressed and ready to party the Napo-way. And as in any fiesta, it will never be complete without those “discorall or baile” or as the guys call it “sadsad”. My daughter was still wide awake so we have no choice but to tag her along. It was a milestone for her. At 2 years old, she already had her first night out with mom and dad. With the huge speakers right beside where we were seated, my only job was to sit down and cover her ears. The rest of the guys were already dancing while Ei and just sat down.

Fortunately, my little girl dozed off to sleep. Maybe it was because of the music or she was just very tired. We sent her back to the Elvin’s house– good thing Hailey’s yaya is still awake. So, we left her with yaya and the rest of the kids sleeping. We’re not bad parents --- we just love to party huh! We went back to the “discorall” and started shaking our booties… or was it bragging about our dance steps from out of this world? Kevin’s dance steps were sure real cool what with his salamander steps. Way’ makalupig--- not even Ahloie’s aerobics steps. Hahaha…these guys are really funny. They’re like 5-year olds.

We started drinking ---uh oh! Not again...Beer na pod, Red Horse pa gyud! Lingaw bya...especially when people look crazy when they're drunk...I still consider myself veteran in this drinking challenge. I think with the neverending "tagay", i may have consumed already around 5 - 6 bottles of red horse.

The good thing with beer is that you'll never get hang-over the following day...as if nothing really happened the previous night.

Well, folks, that's all for now...again, nothing beats this "tropa"... i just hope the friendship continues even if we're lolos and lolas --- may we still continue to hang-out but this time with our "apos".


Anonymous said...

long time ah! - joey

A-l-e-s-s-a-u-n-d-r-e-i said...

busy sa career...or i just cudn't thing of something to post...hehehe

A-l-e-s-s-a-u-n-d-r-e-i said...

erratum: "think" diay...;D