Thursday, May 19, 2005


My daughter,Alex is fond of posing in front of a camera - may it be a camera phone or an ordinary camera. At 2 years old, she already knows how to strike a pose. She also knows when her dress is new and she keeps on looking at herself in the mirror. She loves to wear shades and my shoes and some of my accessories. I don't know if I would be happy seeing her this way...a part of me is afraid. She's already "kikay" if you would call it. But I also find it amazing coz she's into a lot of things: plays with her ukelele and drums, sings with some rock and alternative songs her dad often plays (with a headbang pa!)and of course her nursery rhyme songs, dances to various dance tunes (chocolate, chopeta, even the "joy dishwashing" commercial), memorizes the A-B-C and numbers 1 to 10, talks to her teddy bears and dolls as if they're real...but she also has her tantrums and bratty ways lately. Still, I'm proud of her...see her pics below:

poser # 1

poser # 2

poser # 3

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earl said...

This is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to my life. I can't even think about am i her father? look at her she's the most beautiful,prettiest and the smartest girl i've known. Of course she's my daughter i have to love her but what the hell i don't give a damn what you say coz i love her so much. As much as i love my wife. Some things just happen as it is and you should grab hold to it and cherish, treasure it to its last drop. Sounds scary right? but that's life it's suppose to be scary but you have to be brave to face the truth. Look at her isn't she beautiful? She is, don't argue with me...