Monday, October 15, 2007

The Long Weekend

I was glad the long lazy weekend was over. Thought it would be as productive as I thought it would be but truth be told I spent it in a lethargic way. I was thinking of going swimming in a nearby cheap resort but decided not to. I’d rather spend my money on some important things (grocery perhaps) and besides, hubby won’t be around during the weekend. He was off to CDO again last Saturday for their monthly meetings etcetera.

Friday was spent still in my night dress until 6pm. I was getting grumpy coz I was thinking of hitting the tracks of Cebu City Sports Complex when the sun sets but hubby was glued to his movies. Good thing, we finally decided to lift our big asses out of the bed. I spent an hour catching my breath while walking with hubby and daughter around the oval. But I was glad to be back on the tracks and I wish I have the time like this to at least sweat it out. But what happened after was beyond control --- we simply head off to Casa Verde to feast on their Greenminded Salad, Baby Back Ribs, Oreo Cheesecake and a pitcher of iced tea. Yummy temptation. There goes my burned calorie/s down the drain.

And the rest of the weekend was spent rolling my big fat ass on the bed and watching ten (10) movies mostly Brad Pitt flicks and romantic comedies. I would usually go for feel good movies rather than science fiction or thriller. We’re supposed to enjoy these films and not feel terrified whenever we go to the cr after watching this gruesome movie.

Anyway, I also decided to do most of the cooking this weekend. Not the complicated recipes though --- just the "lutong bahay". And I guess I have eaten so much --- maybe because my cooking was superb. Yay!

My weekend was capped with a short trip to the mall to attend mass and do some grocery. My sisters and I had a sumptuous dinner of fish sinigang and seaweed salad (guso). Whenever hubby’s not home, I would usually invite them to sleepover. And I’m just glad to have them around and do some of the chores. But they could be a pain in the ass sometimes messing up with my things and fighting like kiddos.

So, that’s how my long weekend went by. Kinda’ boring and nothing special really happened. But I just want it that way. Nothing.

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