Tuesday, September 04, 2007

PMN September Fam Pic: Potted

We don’t have a garden at home. We don’t have some greens and blooms within our midst. So I thought, is there something “potted” that I could post for PMNs photohunt this month? Again, I decided to just let this one pass…maybe next time.

But during my DVD marathon over my extended weekend, I got an idea from the movie Raising Helen. One of the scenes in the movie shows Helen and kids dancing “Whip It” with pot-like hats. I remember taking a picture of my daughter with a pot on her head during one of our visits to the mall.

Finally found it after rummaging through my archive of pictures.

Here’s my daughter…in a pot! Also sharing another pic with fake flowers in the background(ooppss, sorry for the uncut bangs.

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Rex said...

Uy, I like the first pic better. :-)