Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Second Encounter with a Snatcher

This time, the snatcher is a lady --- a lesbian at that.

My sisters and I were inside the jeepney. We just came from our usual Sunday treat at Carbon. While the jeepney we're in was waiting for the light to turn green, I felt someone scratching my neck. That's when I realized that my whitegold necklace was being snatched. I can't describe my feeling. I was shocked. Magee, my sister who was sitting beside me saw the whole incident. She said, she saw this "tomboy" outside the jeepney trying to reach for my neck. She never expected the lady to be a snatcher. She too was shocked.

Good thing, the snatcher wasn't able to take the entire necklace. Maybe, she's not an expert yet. I was glad to have the pendant (the most expensive part) and a portion of the necklace.

I'm not really a jewelry person and I don't buy them that much. The necklace is actually part of my daily accessory and is the only jewelry I bought out of my hard-earned salary. Aside from it being silver (I don't fancy gold blings), it matches almost all my outfit. The first jewelry that was snatched from me was a gold bracelet (a gift from my aunt)...also inside the jeepney.

Lesson learned (the second time around): Never wear jewelries inside a PUJ.

Here's the remnant of my necklace...*sniff*sniff*

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