Friday, September 01, 2006

Bye Beachroots

Last Wednesday was Beachroots’ last night @ Mango Square. I felt a little pinch in my heart as I took one last look of the bar that has been our gimik place, that of our friends, our friend’s friends and some strangers. I just felt so sad for what has been a very promising business. Though it was not our “bread and butter” so to speak, it took care of some our little needs. It meant a lot to us really even though at times I felt a pang of regret for putting it up in the first place especially that my marriage has been affected. I guess, I share the same feelings with the rest of the ladies behind the gentlemen of Beachroots.

I hate to say that the small tenants down there are considered the “sacrificial lambs” so that Mango Square shall carry on with their “insatiable” commercial cravings. But it is a sad fact and I don’t know how the hell Mango Square shall pay for the damage they’ve done to these tenants. They’ve been good at empty promises and lip service right from the start. F*ck their gay ass!!!


Looking at the stalls at the open plaza right now with just the candle lights on, (since Mango Square Management shut down the electric meter), I am all positive that there’s still something out of this shit. While we pack up our things, we also pack up all the lessons learned and bring it with us wherever this end may lead us. I’m sure, we all learned a lesson here and we’re never ever the same person as we are before.

Bye Beachroots…it may be the end but it will definitely be a start of something new.

Gosh, I’m getting emo again… but it’s all GOOD!

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PaksiT™ said...

hopefully, we'll have something new... meanwhile, we'll just have to deal with what we're having now... and be optimistic cos we're up against the "big ones."