Thursday, June 22, 2006

Philosophy + Photography

The Human Philosophy:“Why do we always reject those who love us, and love those who doesn’t love us in the first place?”
Answer:“Unconsciously, we enjoy being hurt.”

It’s a sad fact but true. In my past relationships (I only had 2 – an ex and my husband), I have always been the “willing victim” allowing myself to cuddle pain and be the stupid girlfriend. It’s funny but looking back, I think I have always enjoyed crying in my sleep or I loved being scolded by friends about my stupidity. I loved listening to sappy tunes when I’m brokenhearted. Makes me depressed all the more and the irony of it is that I think I liked it a lot. I couldn’t count the times when my friends hated me for all my decisions but there was nothing they could do about it. After all, this isn’t about them…it’s about me. And so, I go on from one relationship to another (with a 5-month interval) and it was like a vicious cycle. I committed the same mistakes and I continue to succumb to pain. But don’t get me wrong, I never allowed myself to be abused physically. It was more of a self-inflicting emotional distress. But I have no regrets. In the end, it benefited me a lot. As the song goes “you made me stronger by breaking my heart”. ***corny***

On to a brighter side of life…

Photography in the eyes of a three-year old

My husband and I are both nocturnal creatures. We worked till the wee hours at night and often past midnight. With that, we don't usually wake up early in the morning. Our daughter sometimes messes up with our mornings and let us get up to play with her. I know, it sounds really cruel to shoo her away but we really need to catch up some sleep to make it through the day. So what I usually do to keep her busy and not bug us on waking up early is to give her my cellphone and let her take pictures of just about anything in the house. She enjoys it a lot. Again, it amazes me to see her attempts in digital photography...she has a sense of composition and angle. Here are some of her masterpieces...

This is a portrait of her favorite teddy

A portrait of her yaya

the knob

the key on the floor

the water dispenser

A light from the electric fan

The sleepy mom

A reflection of the fotog on our dirty mirror

She still has a lot of pics but I have yet to upload them. I guess it's time to prepare for a career in photography. It has always been one of my greatest frustrations. I took photojournalism class in college and got a flat 1 grade. I even became the vice-president of a photography club in our campus but I never got the chance to really pursue a career in photography. I have worked with some of Cebu's top photographers and models for a project but it was only once. I always wanted to capture life's drama behind the lens but it's an expensive career. So right now, my daughter and I will just make do with our camera phone to capture precious moments.

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