Monday, June 12, 2006


Pardon my delayed post but not until today was I able to tap these keyboards. But I guess, the girls night out we had last Saturday is worth the post and besides it’s been a while since I last posted some wisdom into this blog though this material isn’t really that sensible. My office girls (Sylvette, Nice, Herbelle and Chat) went out for our usual rendezvous - videoke session at Gimik Bar. It’s something we commonly share --- our passion for singing. I myself love to sing but more often I get offended by those videoke scores telling me that I need more practice. Huh?!?!

So we hang out in this new videoke bar at Mango Square (where else?). I had second thoughts of going as I was too worn-out from shopping for Alex earlier that afternoon but then it’s been ages since I last went out with them (especially with Chat) and there might never come a time to hang out with them again.. It has always been fun and crazy going out with these girls.

Here are some pics taken using my ever dependable Nokia 6600… (apologies for the blurry as Sylvette forgot to bring her digital cam).

pretty moms

tina paner, manilyn reynes, shery cruz and kim chui (on shades)

banat gyud chatty

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