Tuesday, June 13, 2006

first day

Today marks another milestone in my daughter’s life – she’s starting school today! As a mother, I’m the one who is excited and at the same time edgy about it. I have been greatly caught up in the preparation of this milestone physically, emotionally and financially. Of course, my husband though always at the background has been very supportive with this endeavor. The weekend has been very tough for me because I went out shopping for her stuff. It was very stressful and exhausting maybe because I wasn’t spending money for myself. I was on the verge of buying a nice pair of shoes but I just brushed it off because my priority right now is my daughter.

Today she’s gone out of her comfort zone for the first time and embrace whatever learning is in store for her in that school. Deep inside I was hesitant to pass her on to her “second mother”- her teachers but I know I have to coz there are things that are better taught and learned from others. A part of me is scared to send her off to the outside world for the fear that she might get hurt or abused by her peers but then I have to coz these peers could become her friends who will shield her from harm.

Today she’s geared up and fervent to learn I can see it in her eyes and smiles. I know she has been waiting for this moment like I do. She has been asking me several questions about her school and her enthusiasm is infectious. And I want to keep it that way. I want her to be always excited and passionate about school. I just hope that Kid’s Daycare & After-school Center could provide her the necessary skills and knowledge I am unable to provide and share her with. I am leaving it all up to them to develop my kid in the right manner and path. I will always be on the support side and to continuously fuel my daughter’s passion for learning and to embrace her with so much love.

Today I witnessed her confidence and I realized that she has grown so much. Unlike the rest of the kids her age, she didn't have any separation anxiety. She willingly detached herself from me and I'm so proud of her.

ready to rule the world

first day punk

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