Friday, January 27, 2006


There had been a lot of events this month which I fail to write about in my blog. So, I try to squeeze them all in into this one-big EOD (End of the Month) article.

January 7

It’s my daughter’s 3rd birthday! We prepared a “Dora the Explorer” birthday party theme in our garage. We gathered some of her cousins and the kids in the neighborhood to partake our “humble” preparation and some games. The kids had fun playing the “pabitin”, treasure hunting, bring me game and a lot more. I’m sure Alex had fun too.

Dora Cake

Partypips in da house

January 15

Pit Senyor! Who wouldn’t miss this event --- I almost did! Beach Roots was jampacked with guests and mainstays for the Sinulog event. We had live bands at Mango Square. Being one of the owners, my husband and I extended some help. We worked like graveyard shifters from 6pm to 7am the following day for two consecutive days. I wanted to complain but some of our business partners don’t seem to care at all. Some of them pissed me off. They just show up their butts off in the bar. Hang out for a few minutes. Sneaked out and disappeared into thin air after an hour or two. The same people who complain about getting a lesser percentage in the profit sharing. ‘Nuff said.

with cousins (naa ko sa kilid kaayo)

da cowgirl and da cashier

January 23

It’s granny’s thanksgiving party. Granny is Earl’s grandfather. It was his birthday on the 21st but we celebrated it on this day because we also had a blessing of his newly-constructed house right across where we live.

Granny is of Chinese decent so we were dressed red and white outfit for the occasion. Granny’s children prepared a luscious dinner party at Casino EspaƱol and invited some of granny relatives and friends in the profession, business and in the Chinese community. (pics to follow)

January 30

It’s my birthday today!

I’m 27 --- uh-oh! So what, I’m proud to have reached this age happy and fulfilled as a doting mom and loving wifey. There are those who at my age may still be wandering and searching for something in their life I already have. My destiny is already at hand. Careerwise, I know I still aim for greater heights and that lucid dream of being somebody people would look upon with respect and admiration. No, I didn't dream of becoming a celebrity of some sort. I just want to climb the corporate ladder nice and slow and become an HR guru in the making. Simple as that!

So much about my ek-ek, I have no plans of throwing a fab party today --- i'm at work. I just make my officemates busog with pancit, ice cream and softdrinks.

Cute kaayo akong cake courtesy of Mel

That’s all for now… I’m looking forward to another exciting month in February.

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