Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Last weekend was a blast!

Events were intertwined like scenes from a tele-novela.

Imagine this…

Farewell party for X-GF @ Vudu with some friends. Current GF (let’s call her PSYCHO BITCH or PB) was also there with some of her own friends. I was with X-GF. I texted my husband to pick me up @ Vudu. Husband came along with “THE GUY” or TG. TG didn’t join PB and instead joined X-GF coz he just broke with PB and wanted to go back to X-GF (his GF for 8 years…). PB got very mad and went out of the bar. PB went to Frontgate where TG’s car was parked. PB picked up a huge stone and smashed it in the windshield of TG’s car. Frontgate staff pointed PB as the culprit. I left Vudu early with my husband and his male friends including TG to grab a bite. TG seemed bothered and had this feeling that something bad really happened to his car. TG asked a friend to drive him to Frontgate. He then discovered what happened of his car. We went to Fuente Police Station to report the incident and then went to PB’s house to talk to her parents. We waited for PB to come home. She arrived together with her friends at 5 in the morning.

Unknowingly,while we were at Fuente Police Station, PB went back to Vudu and confronted X-GF. X-GF seemed not affected at all since she has given up long before TG to PB.

Until now, TG still tries to win back X-GF. And PB? She can go to hell…or I think she’s in hell now. Haha!


I had the longest weekend. It’s Memorial Day in the US so I need not report on May 30. I had some bonding session with my daughter.

We watched “Madagascar” together with my younger sisters. It’s my daughter’s first time to watch a movie on the big screen. I guess she was enjoying the movie a lot even if she doesn’t understand the dialogues yet. She got the same name that of the lion “Alex”.

I enjoyed the movie too…made me forgot that there’s one soul whose mad at me that very day -– my husband. I need not elaborate why he’s mad at me. Hhhhmmm… but we’re ok now! You know, you really can’t avoid some disagreements between couples. It’s as a normal as making love. Hehe


I’ve been spending a lot of time with X-GF lately. She’s leaving for Dumaguete on Wednesday. She will be assigned there for good I guess. I’m having some mixed emotions. I’m happy that she could finally escape from all pain that PB and TG has brought her life with. I’m happy that she’s now far from all the mess that this love triangle has brought about. I just hope that the horrible events during the past months and weeks won’t haunt her.

But, her leaving makes me sad too. I have already developed a certain kind of friendship with her that is way beyond the usual friendships. She helped me overcome my insecurities and she has contributed to my new outlook in life and relationship. She’s one lady you’ll truly admire that despite all the cheating and pain, she doesn’t keep any hatred in her heart. She has opened a lot of doors for me and I’m truly grateful. I’m so lucky to have her as my friend. Huhuhu…I will miss her terribly!

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