Thursday, June 23, 2005

So Long, Tropa

Promise, this will be my last write up about the issue. I’ve been writing topics about cheating and hurting and moving on since I started my blog in March. Sure, it’s an interesting topic to write but its kinda’ distressing especially when you know so well the people involved. It even came to a point when my own relationship was affected since I tend to stereotype men including my own husband as cheaters and has this hobby playing with somebody else’s feelings.

Or was I just trying to sensationalize events the way showbiz people do? I know for a fact that it has been tough especially for the people directly or indirectly involved.

Everything seems to be ok these past weeks after that dreadful night in Vudu. We started to go out again as a group or should I say --- as a family. But then, there are just these crazy people trying to destroy this family --- people outside the circle. What makes it more painful though is that there are those who rightfully belong to this family who in one way or another supports the destruction. The same people we considered “friends” who without any bit of regret just took this family for granted.

I know things will never be the same again. I, for one no longer wants to be associated with this group (except to my husband of course!). I couldn’t help but feel sorry for what could’ve been a wonderful family. Sayang!

Da Vinci’s club will continue to hang-out… that’s for sure. But the “tropa”? Naaahhh!

Before I finally wrap up this post, I have no regrets having met these people:

The girls

wounded soul

joni (2nd from right)
one lucky momma

survivor and fighter

drama queen

The Guys

my honest to goodness husband

inconsistent… uncertain

life of a party…user?

Ahloie – cheater; fucker

Eden (1st from left)
RnB guy…Johnny Bravo for life

Louie (1st from right)
the most sensible person in the group

I don’t wanna jump into conclusions though…Maybe it isn’t over yet…. I’m still hopeful that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that in time issues will be resolved.

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