Friday, June 17, 2005

Struggle of the Brainless

I was trying to pick up my brain, browsing through it’s hemispheres for what seemed like an unintelligent week

The week was spent mostly on booking travels for Expats going in and out of the country. It was an easy task though but the rapid changes in airline rates and schedules from on-line travel agents made me melodramatic for a while it almost gave me a heart attack. Philadelphia to San Francisco flight rate soared from $ 359 to $ 1,069 in a span of 2 hours --- this is crazy! And one more thing, travelocity made me pay $100 cancellation fee for a flight that was never booked/finalized. I almost burst into tears having to pay that amount. Good thing, my boss was so rich she's willing to shoulder the amount of P5K ++.

It has also been a women-empowered week. Alas, the Da Vinci’s Club gathered around for the first time. ‘Twas fun having no husbands/boyfriends around during our night-out. Imagine 4 mouths talking incessantly the entire evening --- what have you got after? Sore throat.

The week was also filled with exaggeration of a friend feeling bitter for missing a spontaneous barkada outing over the weekend. ‘Nuff said --- shallow as it may seem but we just have to understand these types of people. After all, a true friend accepts and understands each other’s differences.

Whew, that was tough… Somehow, after this week, I am still very much sane.

Looking forward to Father's Day, Batman Begins, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Da Vinci's Club convention and UK. Yahoooooo...

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