Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween 2006

The Halloween never slips by without me preparing for it. My husband has been creating a fuss about me so into it and spending so much. Hell, yes…I’ve been going Carbon to look for ukay costume to suit our theme. Our department had an LOTR theme so we decorated our cubes with the LOTR look. We turned our reception area into Helm’s Deep with a matching fortress made of old newspapers and used boxes. Our digital storage area was transformed into Mordor with Sauron’s eyes beaming just inches below our ceiling. Our boss’ desk was the Hobbiton which was kinda’ cute --- she declared herself “Froda Baggins – the Hobbit of Shire”. Of course, she’s the female version of Frodo hahaha. We also had Rivendell and the famous treebeard “Ent”.

Tuesday last week was the Halloween event in the office. Almost everybody came in with their Halloween costumes. I was supposed to be Eowyn – the Lady of Rohan but changed my mind since I looked more like Aaliyah of “Queen of the Damned” or Morticia Addam --- whatever you be the judge!

We also had so much fun dressing up our cubes. My boss was so much involved and brought almost her entire collection of antiques and candle holders to add a touch of spookiness in our decoration. There were areas in the office which were creepy I even had goose bumps whenever I pass the area. Our HR also cooked up some Halloween activities that our employees could enjoy during their breaks. It was so much fun. Hats off to them for doing a great job!

Our department also won the 2nd place in "Dress up your cube" contest so it was all worth the effort and sweat...till next year na pod!

Here are this year's Halloween pics...

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