Friday, August 18, 2006

Making Babies

My husband and I is in the process of manufacturing (what a word, haha) our 2nd baby. Although, we’ve been doing that almost every night *LOL*, this time there are no more inhibitions and qualms. After three years, we believe that it’s time for Alex to become a “BIG SISTER”. She’s starting to show signs of being a spoiled brat. And what better way to counter her bratty tendencies by having someone to share her parent’s love with. One month from now, let’s see if all those acrobats and stunts were effective enough to produce our own specie. And I hope it’s a baby boy.* I WISH, I WISH*. I started skipping gym sessions, started drinking less caffeine and alcohol and maintaining a healthy diet (fish, veggies and less meat this time). Well, the thought of being pregnant is starting to sink into my system --- psychologically. I’m also browsing through some baby and pregnancy sites to refresh myself of what to expect. Hey, I’m frickin’ serious about this ya’ know!

Again, it’s still God’s will that will prevail if and if he would give us another angel to take good care with.

Speaking of babies, here's a pic of the loveliest and smartest school girl in town...She's actually the sought-after girl in her class with two boys fighting over for her attention...(sounds scary though...)

Isn't she lovely?


Anonymous said...

ayay! kagilok ba! hahahahah! good luck! eat balot daw before "jamming" heheheheh! mao na secret sa ako friend kadtong "trying-hard" pod sila magka baby. heheheheh! try nyo! ENJOY! julietttz :-)))

Mhalou said...

Hala, i don't eat balot bya...itlog na lang hehehe